Bringing a new perspective to complex business challenges.

Business success depends on people.

That is because business is part of the human ecosystem: a complex network of people, communities, social systems and relationships. This means businesses also experience the impacts (both positive and negative) of other actors in that system.

Think of us as human ecologists. We help decode the complexity of the human ecosystem, understand relationships between stakeholders, and identify and assess impacts – both positive and negative – to lay a foundation for stronger social performance.

Working with INLE Social Performance, businesses are better able to understand and effectively manage their social impacts leading to:

  • Strengthened understanding of stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Enhanced alignment of strategic priorities with risk mitigation
  • Improved resiliency: capacity to absorb disruption, adapt to challenging conditions, and innovate in a changing world

We have particular expertise in:

  • Gender, diversity and inclusion
  • Indigenous relations
  • Partnership brokering